Diegetic Mecha Cockpit

Wanted to build a diegetic (In-world) interface in style of HAWKEN and Star Citizen.
It's also VR-friendly!

UI Graphics made using Photoshop & Illustrator.
Cockpit parts made using Maya & Substance Painter.
Materials done in Unreal Engine 4, some UI feature Blueprint functions.

Henrik giang app2 night alt

Night setting with headlights.

Henrik giang henrikgiangapp21
Henrik giang henrikgiangapp20
Henrik giang henrikgiang app2 breakdown0

Some breakdowns incoming from here.

Henrik giang henrikgiang app2 breakdown1

Structure of a Interface chunk. We have the meter model and a plane on top of it.

Henrik giang henrikgiang app2 breakdown2

A look into the hologram material.

Henrik giang henrikgiang app2 breakdown3

The material is used on these parts, some elements are projected as holograms to better fit a VR-experience.

Henrik giang henrikgiang app2 breakdown4

Blueprints for some functionality of the minimap.

Henrik giang bonus

BONUS: Mini-map movement and bullet firing animation on-screen!