Local Space Holodeck

Exercise in decorative diegetic (in-world) UI & VR.
Tried imagining a hologram room portraying a conflict in Mars.
Scroll down for breakdowns.

UI Graphics made using Photoshop & Illustrator.
Spaceships and some geometry is made in Maya.
Hands are from Oculus.
Materials are made in Unreal Engine 4.
Tested and Recorded with an Oculus Rift.

Henrik giang henrikgiang app3 0
Henrik giang henrikgiang app3 2
Henrik giang henrikgiang app3 3
Henrik giang flightmode ingame

In-game screenshot.

Local Space Holodeck in VR.

Henrik giang app3 breakdown prez0

Breakdowns! Planets are composed of two spheres, some ship holograms and many, many planes. The datapins were made in Unreal Particle Editor.

Henrik giang app3 breakdown prez1

Wireframe view.

Henrik giang app3 breakdown prez3

A look into the planets hologram shader.

Henrik giang app3 breakdown prez2

Shader for hologram-graphics. All holograms had tiling scanlines to enforce the "techy" look when viewed close with VR.

Henrik giang app3 breakdown prez4

Modified the First Person Character of Urneal Engine 4. I wanted try working with HUD in 3D space. The end result was very interesting! Kinda felt like you were weaing a space suit helmet.

Henrik giang app3 breakdown prez5

Wanted to learn more about blueprints as well. Here is a shot of activating/deactivating your jetpack.